My Travel Adventures 2004-10

Where have I traveled?

The countries in red on the map are the European countries I’ve spent time visiting. Add India, Morocco, Canada, and the U.S. and we’re getting close!

My global Travel Adventures have included:

Winter of 2010-11 ~ 4½ months in North and Central India including Kashmir and teaching English to Tibetan refugees in Dharamsala

chillin’ with the babas and their chillums in India in 2011

Dharamsala, India, home of the Dalai Lama and many Tibetan refugees who love him dearly.

Summer of 2007 ~ Eastern Europe, Russia and Turkey

Gdansk, Poland

volunteer project in rural Poland making giant puppets with alter-abled adults

Summer of 2006 ~ 3½ month Magical, Mystical, Mystery Tour of Western & Eastern Europe

Utrecht, Netherlands

the classic must-do Amsterdam photo. Hester made me do it!

interesting bumpy sidewalk in Gothenberg, Sweden

Summer of 2005 ~ Western Europe

the main square in Lille, France. Lille used to be Flemish (Dutch) long ago.

the main square in Brussels, Belgium

We got these great t-shirts at the end of the Fiesta Mundial world music festival we all volunteered at.

Summer of 2004 ~ Ireland and United Kingdom

amazing cliffs in the Galway area of Ireland

Check out this nice sample of photos and adventures from my 2004 travels across Ireland and the UK. 

The main building of Monkton Wyld, England intentional community/B&B in the “strawberry gothic” style of architecture.

Alas, except for 2005, many of the stories have gone into backups or oblivion due to a defunct travel blog site. (hint: host your own!)

But here’s a survivor from 2006! ~ Freezing in Ostfriesland  It’s an online media article and photos from a German workcamp (international volunteer project) in which I participated during July 2006, written by a fellow volunteer from Ireland.

Travel Stories from 2005

Coliseum in Rome

Be sure to read about my 2005 wanderings across continental Europe, all one one page!  My 2005 Travel Blog is so awesome it has its own top menu button, but I’ll link it here too in case you can’t wait to read my adventures!

An amazing market on the Helsinki waterfront – trying on some local furs

Lots more travel photos in my google photo albums below.  See what piques your interest, then check ’em out:

United Kingdom

Dublin, Ireland visit

Braziers Park, England – volunteering at a thriving intentional community

Monkton Wyld, England – volunteering at a ‘dying’ intentional community

Glastonbury, England – karma yoga at an ashram for two weeks with more photos from Glastonbury and its beautiful Abbey

Glasgow, Scotland visit

Continental Europe

Fiesta Mundial, Belgium – volunteering at a world music & culture festival, plus photos from the River Boat Festival we worked and played at nearby

Affligem, Belgium – volunteer project big reunion in 2006, and more reunions in 2007 (we were very close, a ‘soul group’)

Ghent, Brugge, and Brussels, Belgium visit with fellow volunteers and a separate visit to Ghent

Fiesta Mundial, Belgium volunteering at a world music & culture festival, plus photos from the River Boat Festival we worked and played at nearby

Utrecht, Netherlands – visiting my local friends Evelien and Hester

Lille, France visit


Vollsmose, Denmark – volunteer project living & working with ‘ghetto’ immigrant kids and sharing our experiences by writing for a Copenhagen newspaper

Copenhagen, Denmark – volunteer project reunion in Copenhagen from the Vollsmose workcamp

Gothenburg, Sweden visit

Helsinki, Finland visit

Eastern Europe

Vilnius, Lithuania visit

Marjiaama, Estonia – volunteering at a folk festival

Tallinn, Estonia visit – home of the Depeche Mode Cafe, among other thinga

Rzadkowo, Poland – volunteer project at a home for alter-abled adults and the nearby rural parade unlike any you’ve ever seen!

Szczecin, Poland – definitely off the tourist track!

Gdansk, Poland – amazing city

One of my favorite photo tricks…a totally new scene turned upside down! I took this photo while I was orbiting the Earth a few years ago.