Mars and Satellites

Mars Data

Mean distance from Sun:   1.524 AU
(228,000,000 km/141,700,000 mi)
Diameter:   6,792 km (4,220 mi)
Length of year:   687 days
Rotation period:   24 hr 37 min
Mean orbital velocity:   24.14 km/sec (15 mi/sec)
Inclination of axis:   25.2°
Mean density:   3.95 grams/cm³
Inclination to ecliptic:   1.85°
Number of observed satellites:   2
Comparisons with Earth:
Average distance from Sun:   1.52 x Earth
Diameter:   0.532 x Earth
Mass:   0.108 x Earth
Density:   0.7 x Earth

Mars Satellites

Mars is orbited by two small, potato-shaped satellites, Phobos and Deimos. These tiny Martian satellites are thought to be captured asteroids composed of dark, carbon-rich rock. Each satellite has been heavily cratered by impacting meteoritic debris.

Viking Orbiter Image


Viking Orbiter Image

All information and images on this page were obtained from the National Air and Space Museum.

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